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The theory test or oral test is the first stage of your driving test .You need to pass in the oral test before going to the practical test.

Getting a test date

You need to have a valid provisional driving licence or a convocation letter from the Police Dept Line Barracks Port-Louis, to take your oral test .Those having a provisional licence must pay RS 300 to take part in the oral test. Those having a convocation letter from the department need not to pay any fee to take part in the oral test.

How the theory test works

The theory test consist of 40 multiple –choice questions which are compulsory. The first five questions are practice question and does not carry any mark, therefore you will be examined on the remaining 35 questions. You must answer 29 questions correctly in order to pass the oral test .Candidates will have 30 seconds to answer a question.
Questions are chosen randomly from a database of questions. You will be provided with an answer sheet and a pen as material for the oral test.

You will NOT be able to skip a question and come back later since it is a one go test. You should note, that an unanswered question will be treated as a wrong answer.

Oral test on board

Oral test on board is meant for those who cannot perform the test either in English or in French Language. The test is conducted in creole (the mother language of Mauritius) .It is a verbal oral test where the multiple choice questions and answers on Highway Codes are read by the examiner.
The test is usually conducted by one police force examiners. You will be given 30 questions which are chosen randomly.The first five questions does not carry any mark, failing to answer correctly to the first five questions, you will not be penalized. To pass the test you should be able to answer correctly to 20 questions or more.

Each questions will bear either 2or 3 selection of answers, you are required to select only one answer which you deem to be correct. The examiner will read twice the question and answers aloud, you will be given 30 seconds to select and shade the right answer. Candidates will obtain the result immediately after the test.
Those who passed the test may are eligible to apply for the road test and for those who failed the oral test should re-sit for the oral test.

What is a practical driving test?

On a practical driving test you must be able to prove the examiner that you can drive safely and competently in all driving situations in real life. The test is conducted on a low track driving and you will not be allowed to drive beyond 40 km/h.The duration of the test is about 20 to 30mins long and is conducted by a police examiner. During the road test the examiner will give you the instructions in advance and you will have to execute them properly according to your knowledge acquired during the course.


  • You will not be driving on the motorway
  • You will not be settled on a roundabout
  • No 3point turn
  • No emergency stop.

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