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Road Traffic Regulation



A provisional licence shall be granted only subject to the conditions that until the holder thereof has passed the appropriate –

  • He shall ,except in the case of a vehicle which is not constructed or adapted to carry more that one person ,use it only when under the supervision of a person who has been the holder of a driving licence ,other than a provisional licence for at least two years ,such person shall be present with him in the vehicle .

    Provided that for the purpose of this paragraph a motorcycle shall not be deemed to be constructed or adapted to carry more than one person ,unless it has a sidecar constructed for the carriage of a person attached .
  • He shall not in the case a motorcycle to which a sidecar is not attached carry a passenger other a person who has been holder of driving licence other than a provisional licence for at least two years .
  • The vehicle while being driven by him shall be clearly display in a conspicuous position on the front and on the back of the vehicle a distinguishing mark which be the letter “L” painted in white on black background six inches in height ,one inch in thickness and four inches in width.
  • He shall not drive on the roads or parts of roads mentioned in the fifth schedule to these regulations.


(Regulation 55)

  1. The main road Mahebourg from Plaine Magnien  to Nouvelle France (top of Lapeyre Hill in both directions )
  2. The main Savanne Road from St Aubin Estate to Nouvelle France (top of Lapeyre Hill) in both directions .
  3. The Trou aux Cerfs Road
  4. Connal, Henri, Lemaire, Emilie Duvivier (ex Church)Streets in Beau Bassin
  5. Vandermeersch, Maurice Cure (ex Edward VIIth )and Labourdonnais Streets in Rose –Hill.
  6. St Paul and Martin Luther king Avenues in Phoenix and Vacoas .
  7. Floreal Road from St Paul in Vacoas to George Guibert Street in Curepipe Road in both directions .
  8. The road from Case Noyale to Chamarelin both directions .
  9. The  Staub Road at Baie du Cap.
  10. The main Road running through the village of Triolet .
  11. La Nicoliere Road
  12. The New Trunk Road.