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DIA Vision Impairment Goggle

DIA vision impairment goggleJust about everyone accepts that drinking alcohol and driving is foolish in the extreme.The DIA is now marketing to Road Safety Officers, schools, driving instructor and any person or organisation involved in teaching, road safety anti-drink drive simulator goggles.

The goggles demonstrates, in safety of the classroom, alcohol impairment can have lethal consequences. The goggles actually simulate for each student the feeling of being drunk, and the very important message can then be “driven home” of not drinking and driving.

Telling students simply not to do something is a little “hit and miss”, but using the advanced goggles allow the driving teacher to provide a realistic view, by demonstrating what it is like to be impaired whilst being sober.

The DIA anti–drink/drive goggles will help to get the powerful message across –and your students will like them too!!