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Learner's Driving Course

The Learner`s course is a basic course for all those who wish to enter in the world of driving for the very first time. The course has been specially formulated for the beginners with an approved curriculum, with an ideal mix of theoretical and practical training.

What is a Theoritical Training?

Only handling a car does not make you a good driver! To be a good driver, you will need to know the road signs, be able to anticipate possible dangers and be able to drive defensively. Therefore, a theory course has been designed to help you, new drivers to understand and “read the road”.

It is sad to notice in statistics that one in every three new drivers have an accident in their first year of driving. But researches have shown that with only a few hours of theoretical training, the number of accidents of new drivers can really be reduced.

What is a practical driving test?

On a practical driving test you must be able to prove the examiner that you can drive safely and competently in all driving situations in real life. The test is conducted on a low track driving and you will not be allowed to drive beyond 40 km/h.The duration of the test is about 20 to 30mins long and is conducted by a police examiner. During the road test the examiner will give you the instructions in advance and you will have to execute them properly according to your knowledge acquired during the course.


  • You will not be driving on the motorway
  • You will not be settled on a roundabout
  • No 3point turn
  • No emergency stop.

Practical Training

Driving position Hand control Foot control
Switches Mirrors adjustments Types of mirrors
M.s.m routine Starting drill Steering control
Moving off, level, uphill and downhill Stopping Angle start
Changing gear Road positioning Stopping distance
Following distance Overtaking Pedestrian crossing
Driving on a hill Approaching a junction Turning
Emerging Lanes and junctions Types of junctions
Junctions on a hill Roundabouts Night driving
Parking and reversing Basic maintenance Blind spots

Courses Structure